Sites de-indexed in Bing, but indexed in Google

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Around Nov 10th 2021 onwards, some of my active sites have been de-indexed in Bing. 

They are still indexed in Google. 

Some of them are -


(links removed by moderator)


I have already sent an email to Bing WebMasterTools support team. They said it is design issue with one site. But can't provide any other details. I have checked all the quality guidelines. I don't know which violation I've done. There are also no manual penalty.  Only the message - Some results have been removed. 


Does GeneratePress theme cause any de-indexing issues in Bing?



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Hello! As per our code of conduct, we don't allow sharing third-party/external links to keep the community a place free of ads and self-promotion, so we've removed the links in your posts above.

We hope users here can help, but this sort of inquiry will likely be best solved by Bing webmaster support:

@Palla_Sridhar same issue here with two sites.


Both existing on the internet prior to Bing launching, one of which is my blog which had a lot of technical content from when I was a Microsoft MVP.


One de-indexed in October, the other in March.


Neither sites are spammy in the slightest, and don't even have any ads etc.


Contacted Bing support in March and again last month, and no resolution, only we'll escalate this to the engineering team and no further response.