Transferring Office 365 hosted by GoDaddy to Office 365 hosted by Microsoft

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How do I transfer my domain from my old Office 365 account hosted by GoDaddy to a new Office 365  hosted by Microsoft? Everytime I try to setup the new Office 365 I get following errormessage: 

"" has already been added to another Office 365 mandate ( managed by GoDaddy. To add this domain to this tenant, you must contact GoDaddy support and have the domain removed from After this is done, you can come back and continue this step. 

GoDaddy isnt verry supportive so I try to seek help here :=)

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This is not a support forum though, and we can only assist you with advice. You can always try to open a support case with "regular" O365 if the GoDaddy folks are giving you trouble, but at the end the domain needs to be released on their side.

Hi Emeraldo,

I have done several migrations from GoDaddy to Office 365 in the past. The way that GoDaddy’s control panel is deeply integrated with Office 365 tenants for their customers make it almost impossible to remove the domain without GoDaddy’s support as well as do advanced admin actions you would usually do when managing 365.

If you have a different solution currently and not actively using Office 365 with Godaddy just raise a support call and ask them to strip the custom domain out of the office 365 tenant and cancel any associated Office 365 service. After you can set up in the new tenant and change DNS when required.

If you are migrating from their Office 365 and are actually using their service my recommendation is to set up the new 365 environment on the domain, get a copy of the data via PST or migrate it with something like BitTitan, arrange a call with them and get an agreed time to remove the domain, remove services and cancel the subscription so you can coordinate the setup, DNS changes and reimport of the data. There will be an outage during this scenario but you can workaround this by setting up a server to queue the mail if you know how to do this.

Hope that helps,

Best, Chris
Can you help me think through this one?

1. Domain is with GoDaddy
2. When did the domain, of course made the mistake to do the office365 there too.
3. Web hosting is with a different provider...that email is hosted with too.
4. People log in to email with the hosting provider... with their email account
5. Other services that GoDaddy didn't give use (business central, visio, azure, etc), users login with account

So ... how specifically do we deal with this one? Everyone seems to be scratching their heads?

I think what I need to do is:

A. Move the web and email hosting back to go daddy and get rid of the third party involved.
B. Subscribe to Office 365 through the Azure account logged in as account
C. Download all files and such from Teams (that are at GoDaddy)
D. Download all emails (that are at GoDaddy)
E. Download files from OneDrive (that are at GoDaddy)
F. Cancel the Office365 from GoDaddy...
F. Move/Transfer the core domain from GoDaddy to MS and associate into the current ( account
G. Change the primary domain to instead of [or is this step even needed]

The goal is to get everything into the current Azure account/tenant, users then could use their account to get their email and sign in to all of the applications and services at that point (email, business central, visio, etc). I need to make sure we do not lose email access for more than a day or few hours through this process....


@ROWENS15 I've been trying to solve this for two years, last October we became Microsoft partners and it's been a pain accessing admin panels, the power platform, Viva etc.


I can't tell you how many support tickets and video recordings I have submitted, I've been in a ping-pong match with Microsoft and GoDaddy. I don't understand how Microsoft allows this to happen, I'm pretty sure we're paying double for certain products.


If anyone has guidance please share :sos_button: 

Hi @melissamarie ,


if you have access to GoDaddy as an admin, I suggest you to defederate your GoDaddy Microsoft and then login. After you defederate GoDaddy you will be able to access portal. From there you can delete your domain and add it to a different tenant.


*Googles "defederate" ha-ha thank you so much this is keyword I was missing; I can't believe this was never mentioned on my prior support calls and tickets. 


I guess it's a perfect weekend to "defederate" my domain and ugh this looks like soooo much work I have 20 users in GoDaddy and my main reasoning for this is to change the SharePoint URL which I am assuming all our sites, teams, files, and power automate flows will be misconfigured :sad: 


I am going to attempt to follow this awesome guide I found using the KW:

Defederating GoDaddy 365 - (


No worries, it won't be a too much work. Defederation is very easy. And your services won't be misconfigured because when you have M365 in GoDaddy, all backend is set by using domain.

Stuck with GoDaddy?

Well, you might be losing your mind right now on what to do as it seems that GoDaddy has locked you from transferring to another cloud service provider.

But in this guide, I will show you how to defederate from GoDaddy in five steps while avoiding downtime (as much as possible).

Let’s get started.


If you need to see the guide with more details please visit How to Defederate Domain From Godaddy 365: Step-By-Step (

hello and thank you for the link.
The problem is that is not very clear for the step "Ready the account credentials of the first user created". Who is the first user? If i have multiple domains?

And i want to say also that this is crazy that in 2023, GoDaddy does this to the customers and Microsoft let them behave like this.
Microsoft should let me remove the tenants with a simple proof of ownership of the domain.
Same process will work for 1 or multiple domains.

The straightforward way is to contact Microsoft support directly since they can handle it from the back

Nop, if you contact Microsoft support, they'll advise to contact a Microsoft Partner or do it by yourself following the steps explained above.

Migration from office 365 Hosted by GoDaddy to Direct Microsoft can be a time-consuming process.
1) Take back up of data (exchange mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint etc.)
2) Contact GoDaddy to defederate the domain. (Remember, GoDaddy doesn't retain any data once the domain is defederated so it good to have a backup in advance).
3) Add the domain in New Microsoft hosted tenant
4) Create users and upload the backup