Retention policy for Communication Sites

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I am looking for a way to create a retention policy for a Communication Site.


Most of the blogs have references for applying retention policy at the document level in the SharePoint site but was not able to find any documentation which provides insight on applying a policy at a Site Collection level for the Communication site.


Is it even possible? The goal is to identify the sites which are less active and then delete them after a certain period. Similar to what M365 group retention policy does.

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Retention policies can be applied on the SC level, simply add the corresponding URL under the Locations list.
But that applies to the data under that site collection. What I want to achieve is the policy should check the site activity and based on that it should determine the next steps based on the condition.

Does the above policy setup cover that? I already checked the documentation and also tried to configure the same in the compliance center but there we have options to choose a condition that doesn't have any option for the site.
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Oh, you're looking for a "container" type label, got it. That will be covered by the Syntex's inactive sites policy, as detailed here: