Outlook Shared Calendar Issue

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Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue.
A staff member created a calendar in outlook and shared it out with 3 people and gave them editor rights. The 3 editors can add\edit events in the calendar and all 3 see the changes/updates the others make.
The owner of the shared calendar cannot see any of the entries the other 3 make, the calendar appears blank to her. If she adds an entry, the other 3 people see the entry, she does not.
At first I thought this is an outlook profile issue, however the same thing is true in OWA. I’ve googled the error and cannot find anyone that has had this issue.
I checked her calendar rights using poweshell and everything looks fine. I also tried changing views, made sure the filter is off, etc.

I'm about to put in a support ticket with MS support but though to give this a try first.

Any help appreciated.


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I'm not seeing this exact issue, but my company seeing an issue with calendar permissions that's affecting multiple mailboxes and users (EXO Hybrid). We have a few users that were previously able to view details on other people's calendars, and now they can't view details. I checked the permissions and everything looks correct on the mailboxes and the users' accounts. I've received reports from at least 4 people trying to view calendars for 4 different mailboxes. I didn't see anything under service health for Exchange Online.

@poz_1 Did you ever find any solution for this?