Can I share a group calendar? I am a group member.

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Hi. First of all, I've no idea if this is the right forum as I see Microsoft 365 and Office 365 ... and I don't know which is which and I thought it was the same thing.


So, with my ignorance out of the way ...


I'm on MacOS Monterey version 12.5. I have Microsoft Outlook for Mac v16.63 on a Microsoft 365 Subscription.


The requirement is to be able to share a calendar that belongs to a group, of which I am a member, to the entire company.


In my outlook, for my own calendars, I can set permissions for each of my colleagues. Which is stupidly tedious when what I want to do is say that a particular calendar is a free-for-all.


To separate my personal calendars, we have a group, that is used with the Plus Label to help manage emails from different sources to this group. I'm the owner of the group.


In this group, there's a calendar, and I want this calendar to be accessible to everyone in the company.


Whereas I can manually add people and permissions to my personal calendar, there's no option to do so for the group calendar.


Whilst I supposedly have admin rights, the web UI for Exchange Admin is overblowing. Just too much information and seemingly duplicate information depending upon which of the at least 3 different WebUI's I seem to have access to.


So. Please help! I don't know if this is an outlook, outlook admin (is there such a thing), or Exchange issue. I don't know if this is not possible via MacOS or not.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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Hi Richard hope you're well!
Just to clarify, is this a Microsoft 365 Group that you have created for the purpose of sharing a calendar? Will you use the other benefits of this kind of group, or is your ultimate goal just to have a shared calendar and nothing else?

How many users are in the company?

thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,