Outlook rule re-directing messages with attachment

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I have created an outlook rule where all incoming message must be re-directed to another external email address only if an incoming message has an attachment.

Incoming messages without an attachment must not be re-directed.

The rule does not work properly because still all messages are re-directed whether they have an attachment or not.

I understood the rule does not work when the received message is in HTML format. For some reason HTML messages always have an hidden attachment somewhere in the background that Outlook sees as an real message attachment.

So the rule does work when the initial email message is in plain text format.

Setup Outlook rule:
Apply this rule after the message arrives
which has an attachment
redirect it to email address removed for privacy reasons

Is there a work-around or solution for this issue?

I prefer to have the solution on exchange server level.

Thank you in advance for answering.

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Mmm, I'm surprised that there's no reply so far....