Email Dellay for 3 hours

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Hi all, i have on-prem smtp relay server and connect to Symantec email gateway;  now everyday i have user complaint the bulk mail delay for up to 3 hours.   May i know in this example, the delay is from "FROM" or "TO" ?   TQ





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Hi Maxis,

Please provide more concrete information about your setup and emailflow.

Troubleshooting action plan:
- Check your smtp relay server logs
- Check your Symantec email gateway logs
- Check the Exchange Online logs ( > Mail flow > Message trace > Search > Message events)

Also note these Exchange Online limits:

hi, the EOP is not applicalbe here as the application forward the email > on-prem bulk mail server > on-prem Symantec Mail Gateway > External .
honestly, i cant find any relevant logs in smtp relay server. Symantec gateway logs i have to ask other team.