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I have an unexplained issue with OneDrive. Let me set up the events and my system so this is understandable. I have a business and personal OneDrive on my computer. Both are synced to Hard Drives. The business account has a dedicated drive, and the personal drive uses shared space on what is my data drive or drive 2 Labeled “D”. Recently I changed out my system drive which is an NMV drive. Since I had a second socket for the NMV drive I installed the replacement drive in the second socket. When I booted the machine, it forced that drive to be “D”, this blinded my connection to personal OneDrive there was a persistent message on the screen about the lost connection. Since the system was not going to remain in this configuration I went on with the drive cloning of the system drive. Then made the exchanged of the NMV drives which put the system back as it was. The original “D” designated drive seemed fine, but the Automatic connection to my personal OneDrive did not show in the tack bar as normal. OneDrive however had made its own new directory on my “C” drive in the USER area.

                This is where I started to discover the problems. As I started to examine many of my folders I discovered they were empty. I did not have a lot of files stored here, but some were only stored there and of high value. I started by doing a past date restore of OneDrive as described many places. But even when I did that there were no files to be found. My belief now is that the files were lost before I did the current work on my machine.

                So, the question is, is there anyway to go back a couple of years and see what was stored in OneDrive? There are a couple of files the I had, one was a diary of my life to be given to my Granddaughters when I pass, this was the work of many years and cannot be replaced or recreated.  The other is a life history of my Father-in-law as told to me by him about his young life, during WWII. Other items there were of similarly high value.

I am looking for help here, I find nothing when searching the net.

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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Microsoft 365 space - please post Microsoft 365 questions here in the future. 

@EricStarkerThank you I was unaware of the protocol. I was just looking for some help with my issue.