Upload a file/folder into a Loop page

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Good morning, I have been reffered to this forum by a MS administrator in the Community forum.


My question is the following: I have read in some replies posted a year ago that it is possible to upload files in a page in a workspace in Loop. In theory, there is a button to do it, and you can also drag and drop.


But right now I don't see how to do it, if that button were there I don't see it. Is it possible now what I explained? How can I do it? I know I can add a link to my onedrive/sharepoint files, but it would be great if I just could have direct access to them insode the workspace.


Thank you very much.

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Also interested, I've seen some videos dragging and dropping PDFs and Words (not working for me) and I see if I go to my Cloud Files I have a space called like my Workspace in Loop but if I go there I get a 404...