Forcing SharePoint (or OneDrive) to local user information list

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There was (maybe still is) a parameter to put on the URL of people.aspx (I believe it was people.aspx) to force the display of the user information from the site collection user information list (instead of being redirected to Delve).  Trying to troubleshoot a 'permissions' issue and want to verify that there is an account mismatch for a user (our CIO) before touching anything.  Anyone remember this?  I had it noted can't find it nor can I find it online anymore.



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@BenRick570 Please use the format for SharePoint Online at root level Site, https://<yourtenant><Id>&Force=True


For On Premise, https://<webapp>/_layouts/15/userdisp.aspx?ID=<Id>&Force=True


where Id is the User ID in User Information List.


Similarly, you can use the Site Collection URL to redirect to User Information List in particular site.