Office 365 install path

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Hi all, I want to ask about 365 install location. I've develop a MS Word add-ins where certain function requires some files to be copied into MS Office installation folder.

However, certain user of my add-ins reported that the add-ins are not fully functional. After some investigation, I found out that those user have Office 365 installed into C:\Program Files\WindowsApp\* folder.  But when I login into and install office 365 from there, all office related files will be installed into %program_files_folder%\Microsoft Office\root\Office16. A colleague try subscribing office 365 personal through MS Store, but the installation folder are pointing to %program_files_folder%, instead of WindowsApp folder.


Can anyone share on how to install Office 365 into WindowsApp folder? Or how those user have their Office 365 installed into WindowsApp folder?


Thank you.

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