MS Project Task Pane Add-in to use other browser than IE11

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UPDATE: I just figured the root cause is due to office.js task pane add-ins is always using IE11. I'm updating this post title to see if anyone knows a way to switch the default browser being used by the office task pane to any other browser than IE?


Hello all. I have some dev requirements that involves developing an office add-ins app for MS Project Desktop. I'm trying to utilize the MS Project task pane add-ins to load some sort of Grid/Table that will populate some data associated with the tasks in MS Project by calling an external web service/API. I also need to use the app so I can use the provided office.js library that allows reading/writing data to the project file.


I have been following the development steps and template from this link:


I was able to achieved what the above link provided:



So to achieve my requirements, I'm tweaking the template given from the link above and I try to utilize/add a framework (Sencha JS - our company's product line has been using this for consistency) that basically templatize the queried data in a grid/table. However, the task pane add-ins remain blank and doesn't show anything at all. But if I take the sideloaded html page into a browser, that works fine and shows what I wanted.


Here is a snapshot of some dummy data with super basic grid that is successfully loaded when using browser:



And here is the snapshot of the task pane that remains blank:



I was wondering if anyone has ever done something that somewhat similar to this? I'm basically trying to load a custom web page in the task-pane for viewing purposes (Important - main requirement) on these data queried from an external sources and also the need to be able to read/write task data into the local project file. Therefore, I thought the app add-ins is the perfect combination.


Any insight/advice is really appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




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