Confused about dockument librarys in Sharepoint.

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Hi Folks


I have been running a Sharepoint Site for my small company (10 people) for 5 years.

We started with this to have a online library for our files. At the start we had just a File library with 4 folders (one for each department). This has been working quite well. We have been syncing the folders to our desktop as well.


So, the last year have we been using Teams more and more. I saw that Teams could be a nice place to do both communication and file storage for the department. Tried it out. Made one main team for the department, and several Teams for the different prosjects. It is only three people in the department and all are members of all Teams.

Next, I made the main Team as a Hub in Sharepoint. and alle the Project teams as sites under it.

Problem now is that we have 10 different documents librarys, and we have do to syncing from each team library.

I would love to see the different Team document folders at the main Team Sharepoint site wihout go to the actual Team site.

It could be that I have been think all wrong with this setup. Have to say that I am confused.


All input would be great. 

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Have now played around in Sharepoint/Teams.
Seems like it is better for us to use "Channels" for each project, and keep only one team for the department.
We can then sync this team and have the channel files and folders in the same sync.