Message Opening Issue, Outlook.

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Hey Team, 


we have one particular user who whenever she responds to a a number of emails (completely random in terms of sender, subject, content) her response cause the recipients Outlook to Freeze. for a period of 3 to 30 seconds each time the message is opened. 


A lot of troubleshooting has been done on this and we currently have a CritSit with microsoft support opened. 


The issue is reproducible 


  • By Microsoft support using their own outlook 
  • By me when opening up the message in my outlook 
  • on a newly provisioned VM 
  • On a system (via RDP) to a regular installed (Non vm) Machine


We,re now at the point of using procmon and process explorer to "investigate" but i am curious as to what to look for in those captures? Also outlook logging is enabled, and ETL Files are being reviewed By Microsoft (2nd set). 


I am asking for more of a "What else can be checked" or "How do i check for this in procmon" rather than a solution. (Hopefully Microsoft will provide that). 


Happens on version 2308 and 2401 of Office 365. Windows 10. Additionally if you try to save the messages you get a "Cant save message error" if you try to send the messages outside of our domain, you get a message conversion / bodyconversion error. 


I wonder if this is logical corruption?, Except she can send other emails just fine. 





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@Robert Bollinger 


How about opening in OWA?

So opening in OWA does not appear to show an observed Performance Hit. However i am told that while its better, OWA can still have problems as well.


I just tested several messages in OWA and it says "the messages cant be displayed"