Conversation View Causing Certain Threads to Crash the Tab in Edge/Chrome

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Hey All,


We're experiencing an issue related to conversation view in Outlook on the Web.


We have a weekly update email that we edit and send out org-wide each Friday. We've recently had some users come to us stating that opening the email crashes their OWA session. After some updates, cache/cookie clearing, different browser tests, and incognito sessions, we were able to determine that Conversation View was the culprit. 


Each week this message is sent out with a new, albeit similar, subject line which should be treated as a new email, not part of an existing thread. If we turn conversation view off, the email loads without issue and the OWA tab is unharmed. As soon as conversation view is turned back on, once you click to view the email, the tab crashes and Outlook needs to be opened again in a new tab. The browser does not crash, just the Outlook tab.


It appears that the issue is only present in Chromium-based browsers (Edge/Chrome). Firefox tests were successful.


Testing Conversation View on the desktop app does not yield the same results. Each of the messages are treated as individual in the desktop version.


Has anyone experienced something similar, or have an idea as to what the issue with conversation view could be? Are there some back-end settings for Outlook on the Web that can be tweaked to prevent this from happening?


Thanks in advance.




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@ginsardi I can confirm this behavior in 

Microsoft EdgeVersion 97.0.1072.76 (Official build) (64-bit). Does this happen in Firefox, Opera or a non-Chromium browser?

It seems to be isolated to Chromium-based browsers. I've edited the OP to reflect this realization. Testing in Firefox did not yield the same results as Chrome/Edge.
has any one found a reolution to this issue yet. We're still experiencing this in Edge ver 99.0.1150.46