Outlook 16.66 and Word 16.66 not opening on Mac Ventura

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I am on the Office 365 Beta Release Channel and unfortunately since this morning and after the automatic update to 16.66 versions both Outlook and Word can not be started anymore. The fault message is simply "The application "Microsoft Outlook.app" can't be opened".

Hope this issue can be addressed urgently as I do require access to my Emails as soon as possible.


In the meantime, is there any way that I can downgrade my Office version WITHOUT losing all the emails?

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1. Change the Auto Update setting away from beta

2. Delete the applications (Outlook etc) from the Mac I do this from Applications

3. Delete them from Trash

3. Go to the Microsoft Office page and Click Install Outlook https://www.office.com/?auth=1

4. After installing go to applications folder and open the application


I have done this numerous times, your mails remain intact


Thanks for your feedback. What I did in the meantime was however to "simply" restore yesterdays version of Outlook and Word from a Time Machine Backup and that also worked! Needless to say that I am not on the Beta update cycle anymore and keep things like they are for now.



Seems that Microsoft has released an update 220920 to cater for the 220919 error for both Outlook and Word