Is it possible to move the Search Box in Outlook to another position ?

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We found that the Search Box was moved into the title bar of our desktop Outlook 365. Is it possible to change its position ?



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Nope. Although they've gone through several iterations on this, so it might change in the future.

I just noticed the new location of the search bar. I dislike it.

In the past, I added several fields (To, From, Subject, Body) to the search field. Using these fields speeds up the search.

The current search bar (in the title bar) annoys me. I don't think it's an improvement.



@TheUltimateBug Always looks off center to me.

At least you can still get to your fields for searching - it's an extra click, but after you click in search you can then click on the 'all mailboxes' - you get your fields and can add.

Still not as convenient.

@Zidong_NIE It's such a retrograde step.  They obviously didn't actually try and use it.


Sorry for the necro - not sure if it's still relevant to you, but there's actually a solution:


Running this regedit, will get the searchbar back to the old location:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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@pr0p41n3can you post the exact changes the registry makes so that we're not forced to register on tenforums?

The search box move by Microsoft in Outlook is extremely bad design.  This change does not have the user in mind since it was helpful to have the search box directly above the emails you are searching. 


I hope they reconsider this poor design change.  

@pr0p41n3 Sorry to say the reg fix didn't appear to have any impact at all.

@dioadmin They actually did beta test it. I provided feedback then saying it would be a bad move. So, either they did not listen to feedback, or there were not enough people saying it was a bad move.


I imagine if enough people complain now, they'll either move it back or provide an option to configure location.

I agree. It is too close to the top and the screen keeps reducing to a tiny box. At first I couldn't find it. Worst "improvement" I've seen.

@Zidong_NIE Indeed a terrible move. It is a unnatural setting to me and really annoying. So annoying that I really tried to find a way to get it back to any better location. Hard to belief it is not possible, but I am giving up. Guess I just have to comply to a poorly designed feature and get annoyed multiple time a day using it :(

Yes, what a horrible design! When you start a search, the drop down totally obscures the Search Ribbon!

this just happened to me and it is awful. why have they kept it. 


@lynV5-- Ditto, what a bone-headed design choice this was!  Outlook folks, please put the **bleep** search bar back where it always was, and revert the "functionality" back to how it used to work also!!  What you used to easily accomplish with just a click and some typing, now takes multiple clicks in between typing in the search term, when you can even find the new search location (half the time my status bar covers it up)!!!  Grrrr, just more lousy UI choices by MS, it's just awful.

Oh God what happened please MS bring the search bar back where it was it's a nightmare!


Just adding my annoyance with this change to this thread. Please put the search bar back where it goes Microsoft. There is nothing useful about where it is! This is so annoying!

@Zidong_NIE wowsa, such a bad design decision and no way for us to put it where we want it!!!  Terrible.

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Nope. Although they've gone through several iterations on this, so it might change in the future.

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