Exporting Specific Calendar Entries to a Project

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I want to create a workbook that's an annual overview of various meetings/dates.
The information would ideally be extracted from Outlook automatically but I need certain rules to be applied - e.g. if 'meeting 1' moves, then there's an alert that it will affect 'meeting 2' which (for example) needs to happen 2wks prior, and 'meeting 3' which needs to happen 1wk post.
I'm thinking that the workbook needs to be treated as a project, but I'm not sure the best way to achieve what I want (or even if it's possible!)
I'd be extracting from Outlook using names of meetings - e.g. 'Board Meeting' - and these would automatically populate into my workbook showing month/date/detail.
Any help on this is very much appreciated!

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