Accessing the quarantine of a shared mailbox

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I found a few articles that indicate a user should be able access the quarantine of a shared mailbox if they are given full access to the mailbox.  It appears the user must be given access using their active directory account -- not through a group.


We have tried this on a few shared mailboxes and get the same result. When we click on a "review" link in the quarantine email, we receive this error:


The operation couldn't be performed because the user does not have the authorization
Any suggestions or things to check?  Thank you!
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You should be able to use the Filter control in the UI to achieve that, but a fellow MVP reported some issues with this functionality. Adding @Arindam Thokder as he might be able to share more details.

@JG-Burke - one can open quarantine of shared mailbox from clicking on the link on the End user spam notification which would be delivered to the shared mailbox. There is also another easy way where a mailbox with full permission can open their own Quarantine and then from the filter, change the recipient address and and mention the shared mailbox there. However this has some issue now which are looking at this moment. It should start working very soon.

@Arindam Thokder 

I can not confirm that the access works. Neither on the one way, nor on the other.
When the user (with full access to the shared mailbox) clicks on review in the notification, the (empty) quarantine opens and a message appears that there is no authorization. Also the search does not work, because the quarantine is empty.

Somehow only the quarantine of the user and not the one of the shared mailbox is displayed. (Username is in the upper right corner)

Is there anything left to set?
Hopefully someone will find a solution for this soon.


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Same here. I'm even able to reproduce that myself. Already tried removing and re-adding full access to the mailbox (directly, not via synced AD group).

I guess Microsoft needs to be made aware of this.
@Piotr_Jezewski @lazarus72 - As mentioned earlier, the plan is to give end user access the quarantine for shared mailbox by changing the recipient address to shared mailbox from quarantine portal. This change is yet to be enabled for worldwide tenants. Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA for this.
This is needed so bad. Shared mailboxes are used for many customer communications and not having the ability for an owner of that mailbox to check quarantine has been a nightmare for us in IT. Invoices, customer communications and other important documents are getting lost. If we had this feature or the ability to turn on the quarantine summary e-mail for just a few mailboxes instead of all or nothing it would help a ton.
I agree with everyone on this thread. This is a highly needed feature. We just went back to EOP/Defender for email protection, and this caught us off guard. Prior to going live with "EOP" I did confirm this functionality with Microsoft Support and a PFE and was told that this was possible (end users with Full Rights to the shared mailbox would be able to view the email messages in the quarantine portal). Microsoft Support tends to give the wrong info with features/capabilities not even implemented yet. Microsoft is quick to take our G5/E5 licensing money but slow to implement promised features and capabilities.

My understanding is that users viewing shared quarantine did work at one point and it was lost when they moved the quarantine function to the security portal. That's why you can find posts saying that it does work.   Now it's been coming soon again for months.

Hello, we are hoping to have the shared mailbox access for quarantine portal worldwide by end of April 2022. I will monitor this thread to update as the time draws closer.

@Faith-Ebenezer_Oquong Any news on this? Is the ETA for April still valid? I have many customers asking for that...

yes, End of April is still valid

@Faith-Ebenezer_Oquong What are we to expect late April? Will the end user to go to and they'll see an option to open shared mailbox just as the do on

This Articel is around for quite some time. I doubt we still have to wait for the Rollout?

@Outrun0506 This feature was available in the past but was taken away when the quarantine moved to the security portal.  We are waiting for it to be re-implemented which is supposed to be by April.   Yes, the user will just need to filter on the mailbox and will only see the ones they have access to.

Are we still on track for release? It's gotten to the point where I get dozens of calls a week to check shared mailbox quarantines. This is very important and it's been frustrating that it has taken months to be re-implemented.
this feature was launched Worldwide as of the week of March 1st. please refer to message center post MC337957 and Roadmap ID: 88931 for more details. thank you

Thank you for your information, but it still not working :(

that it should be completed in the middle of march is not true. it still comes the same error message:

The operatin couldn't be performed because the user does not have the authorization
When will it finally be fixed?
As a previous writer already said, the state is actually unacceptable


Works here when the user has Full Access permissions. I can click the Review link in a quarantine message and see the email, or go to '' and use the Filter to update the Recipient Address to the shared mailbox.