O365 Group - multiple calendars?

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Hello all,


Full disclosure -  new to Office 365 Groups and newer than new with Sharepoint in general, but I believe we have a use case in our organization, I am just trying to flush it all out.


I have a group of 5 trainers that are mostly remote and cover different geographic areas coordinating different training seminars.  Currently they use Google Docs and Calendar for everything.  I am thinking I can replace this with an O365 group - but I do have a question.  Is it possible to have multiple calendars within a O365 group.  I believe we have 5 or 7 geographic areas that we run these seminars in.  In their google account they have 1 calendar per region where they track the seminar schedule.  


Anyone have any experience with this?




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If you can't have the events from all regions on one calendar then you'll need a separate Group for each region.

So the answer is No ;-)...each Group has only a single calendar. What you could do is take advantage of modern team sites coming to Office 365 Groups so you could have in the Group site a calendar for each geography

I am wondering if a team site in sharepoint may be the way to go for now (not that I know anything about those)- depending on the road map for modern team sites.


I will look into this


Thank you for the responses.