Is there anyway to subscribe O365 group calendar in 3rd party calendar app?

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I tried in multiple ways to subscribe my O365 group calendar in 3rd party app like apple calendar, thunderbird.. Also mobile apps..


But all failed.


Currently it seems Outlook 2016 and OWA and iphone Group app are the only ways to see O365 group calendar.


Or is there are any ways to do? If not, any plan?

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Hi Juhyun. Are you using Outlook 2016 and the Outlook Groups app? How do you find using them?
If your organization is using a services-only subscription of O365 such as E1, I can see why you would want to try to make Groups work with third party applications.
Well, my CEO is using apple mail and apple calendar. I may can say him to switch to window or use OWA. But he is more apple guy and he doesnt like OWA because it is too slow.

Thats first reason.

And my parnert company they use google work system, and need to share one of my o365 group calendar.

Thats second reason.

Are you looking for calendar sharing that is similar in functionality to Google calendars, where users can subscribe to them via a link, etc?

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Today we dont have this functionality available. All group events can be viewed and added to your Outlook calendar via our groups app. Third party integration is something that we have considered and is currently on our backlog.


well. Then at least mobile outlooks should display group calendar.

@Parisa Zare Any update on this functionality? We love Groups & Teams but our users NEED webcal subscriptions to the Calendars in these tools!

Where is this in the backlog, nowadays?

Please, let us access Office 365 at 3rd party apps. This is important to have smooth process to move from google to office 365. We now solved most ofthe issues but group calendar is keeping us with google. We need people to start using outlook products with apps they already have before we could make them to install microsoft apps.