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In Outlook 2013, I have created subfolders in the Inbox folder. I moved my emails there but when I click on the folder is shows that the folder is empty, but when I quick search in the current folder is brings results. My folder has 11 emails and it doesn't show any of them

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It's possible you might have corruption in your .OST file, which stores the local copy of your email on your PC.  The .OST file is located in:  C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and the name of the file is


If you rename this file (so you have it, just in case) to something like, the next time you open Outlook on your PC, it will recreate the .OST file by downloading all of your emails from the Exchange server.  Hopefully, you will see all of your email in the newly created .OST file.