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I'm trying to determine my organisations licencing.


We have Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 and Office 365 E3 / E5


Is this different to an Enterprise Agreement? I'm trying to access Workplace Analytics and it specifies 'Enterprise Agreement' as a requirement but the Enterprise Mobility part of our licensing has confused me. Are these different? Does this show we have an Enterprise Agreement?





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  Good Afternoon! An Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 (EM+S) and Office 365 E3 / E5 is a product, and you may purchase them through multiple types of licensing agreements. An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is one of the types of a license agreement.

EA is offering the best value to organizations with 500 employees or greater.


Thanks David. How do I tell if we have an enterprise agreement? Is it shown in the admin centre anywhere?
Go to your portal, choose Billing then Purchase Services. If you see 'Purchase from your solution provider' then you probably go through a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) which means your tenant purchases licenses through a company. An EA (Enterprise Agreement) are licenses provided directly through Microsoft.

You can also see if you use a CSP through Support, then New Service Request, then at the bottom of the window that opens click at the bottom 'Contact Support' it should then say if you have partner support, meaning you use a CSP.

Hope it helps
Thanks for this answer. From what you've said it doesn't appear that we have a CSP however as Workplace Analytics still doesn't appear as an option for our tenancy I'm inclined to think that we don't have an EA. I've raised a support ticket to MS to see if they can confirm our licensing.


  If you go into your volume license portal ( and on the Relationship Summary page, you should see what type of agreement you have.



Thanks for your help. In the end I contacted our Microsoft representative who directed me to our supplier confirming that we do not have an Enterprise Agreement! Sadly even with GA I can't access the Service Centre so I'll work on getting access to that.