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I have a lot of spreadsheets that link crosswise and every month all files must be changed to the new month.
For example, a file has 100 cells where each cell links into 5 different sheets e.g. A201910, B201910, C201910, D201910, E201910 - they should then be updated to A201911, B201911, C201911, D201911, E201911. I go in and change links for A201910 to A201911 (or I had a macro that did). It took approx. 3 min total to update all 5 links in one spreadsheet but after upgrading to Office 365 it now takes 30 min ... I have tried to have both A201910, B201910, C201910, D201910, E201910 and A201911, B201911, C201911 , D201911, E201911 open at the same time, but just a little helps.

I work on a server in house and not locally on my computer.

Are there any who know of a fix to this or have experienced the same thing?

We are running Office 365 ProPlus


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