Share in OneNote not producing Send Link panel

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We have Access Requests Settings set to Owner approval in many sites (bottom radio only). Word, Excel and PPT via the full app all produce the new Send Link pop-up when a user shares with another member of the team or non-member. Share with existing members "should" go through with no issue, yet members are seeing a new message that their request went on hold for Owner approval. Which is false because it goes right through to the other member and no ARS pending ... Non-members yes those are working as designed. OneNote however, via the File tab > Share option causes an error or produces a message that the user isn't allowed to share. Shouldn't this behave just like Word, Excel, PPT and produce the Send Link panel? Share via the library for OneNote will produce the Send Link pop-up. Trying to determine the bug origin, OneNote, some other Share patch in O365 online ... ???

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