PowerAutomate - PowerBI - Sharepoint and unlicensed users

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I currently created a lot of flows in Power Automate for a customer of mine under the manager's account on that tenant. This account links to Power Automate, Forms and to Sharepoint.


As an example, one of my flows does the following:

- Register when a Form has been submitted
- Send that data to the Excel which resides on Sharepoint
- Than Power-BI pulls that data from that Excel into a nice dashboard


Now I want to move (or recreate) these flows to an account which will not be deleted (for instance if the manager leaves the company) since the workflow as a whole has been approved by the company.


My question is that if we create an unlicensed user in Office 365, attach a power automate license to that user, will it be able to connect to all these apps and write the data to the Excel in Sharepoint?


I've ran some searches online and could find that an unlicensed user could only "read" but I'm asking for more information regarding this, since it is not really my best field of knowledge.

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