Cannot enter a hyperlink to a OneNote page in MS Lists- 255 character limit MS imposed in MS Lists

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When making a MS List, and then creating a column to add hyperlinks of items, to a OneNote page does not work.

This is a page in MS O365 that I cannot link to in an MS O365 application defeats the whole purpose of having one platform for all applications to communicate and utilize data stored within it. There should be some way of referencing internal data already stored .

Is there some way to connect a column entry in a MS List to a OneNote Page in the same account/tenancy?

Another limitation in OneNote is the inability to use the MS webclipper extension when there are 20k or more items in OneDrive.

Such restrictions should be made evident to users before they start utilizing these applications, create data in them only to realize this is not functional. Data connectivity is essential b.w. applications native AND created by MS in MS O365. 

There could be someway to shorten the link for use within O365?

Another post by another user also stated this for Excel in 5 years ago- the problem as basic as hyperlinks not working and no other mode to connect is counter productive. OneNote salient feature is linking pages and sections but when copying these links to MS Lists or Excel they do not work.
Shorter URL for OneNote Notes? Exceeds Excel's capacity - Microsoft Community

Anyone who can suggest a work around would be appreciated. If you suggest to enter this in User Voice please set it up and provide a link in this conversation. User Voice is not a functioning solution.

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