Message Center messes up read/unread

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The messages in my message center keep switching to unread.


Is this a bug, or is there anything I can do about it? 

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Hi Martijn, we may need to troubleshoot to determine what is occurring.  Do you happen to have a support case that I can reference?

Hi, same here (O365 hybrid environment, DirSync), I sent it as feedback to the admin portal crew. Support case is difficult as it hardly matches any category offered in the system, and it is not a crucial feature. I'd love to see an RSS feed or mail notification though.

Mine messes up all the time and I can't save a configuration for the Admin Center either.

I'm sorry to hear that this experience is not as expected.  I will reach out to the product team that owns this feature to find out if it's a known issue and request that they investigate.


With regards to other modalities, you may be familiar with the Admin Center browser experience and Admin Mobile App, and I also wanted to suggest the Service Communications API. Although slightly more complex than an RSS feed, the API is a fantastic way to integrate Message Center and Service Health Dashboard information into existing systems.


At Ignite in Sept, we did announce plans to implement a Change Digest, which will provide you a weekly email that summarizes communications from the Message Center. The functionality is in development and release timing is TBD, but you can learn more here:

Here we go again (see attachment). I've read/dismissed everything yesterday and now the messages are back. 


My initial thought was that this was because of the bad working Android Office 365 admin app. But I haven't opened the app yesterday/today. 


I did get a message regarding the Sharepoint health in the app, but dismissed it without opening. 


 I haven't got a supportcase (yet). Just wanted a confirmation that i'm not the only one who has this problem. 

I'm seeing the same thing.


Plus the Windows Phone 10 App used to notify me when there were new messages, but now there are no notifications and the app doesn't appear in the Notifications section of the phones settings.


I just read a bunch of messages yesterday on the App, today they're still all unread on the Web.

Or should I be "dismissing" them.


Note: I don't want to delete them (they seem to dissapear eventually anyway!!!).

Even i am noticing this sporadic behaviour. i Make sure i have read all messages appearing in Message Center. Next day i again see few of them as unread.

I've confirmed with the product team that this is a known issue, and they are actively taking steps to mitigate the impact, so that the Message Center once again functions as expected.

This should now be fixed. Please reply and let me know if you're still encountering issues. Thanks for your patience!

Just confirming that this is now working for me.

Great, thanks for confirming!

I go in to the list, read 6 of them. Exit out of Message Center. Go back to Message Center. Items are marked "unread" again.


So still doesn't work properly for me.

Further update from me - it's not working from the Windows Phone O365 Admin app.


If I read messages on the App, then go to Messages in the browser, they're read, but the next day, they're unread again.  Messages read in the browser, are staying read.


Note: unrelated? - but there seems to be some kind of caching going on somewhere.  Dispite several refreshes, the Admin App is telling me there are still two Exchange issues, plus one SharePoint (in Health), however the website tells me there's only the SharePoint...


I apologize for the false resolution and have an update to provide. Late last week, we found that we were hitting a connection threshold, so we scaled out the system on Monday and immediately alleviated that problem. On Tuesday, we started experiencing new connection problems. The platform team is looking into this, and the Message Center team has set up monitoring. When we are alerted of connection problems, we cycle the APIs. In parallel, we are designing a more reliable solution, which is targeted for implementation this calendar year.


I'm not sure whether the Service Health Dashboard uses the same API and solution, but I'll ask the team to look into it.


Thanks for the ongoing feedback!

Then I am looking forward to the digest, the API for sure is interesting, but I never felt like needing more than an RSS feed :)

Thanks for the info.

I am still experiencing this issue as of this morning. I went through and read and dismissed all messages and after an hour they were all back and marked as unread. Very annoying.

Just reconfirming that it's working for me, including on a brand new tenant that I set up yesterday,

However, what I do occasionally see is that the Message center tile on the root dashboard often reports (and displays) X unread messages, but when you drill into the Message center, the correct status is reported. This can be after having the correct status previously reported in the tile. It's like it's picking up it's data from different caches or something.

Just wanted to add that i was seeing this issue on 12.09, but today all the read messages are gone. MS needs to do something with  that service. It seems to be unreliable lately.

It's doing this again. Shows 18 unread messages and dismissing them does nothing. WTF? Why can't MS finally fix this? How can anyone rely on MS services if they can't fix such a minor thing for good?