StaffHub setting in the App section of the Admin Center...but it does not work


I have noticed today that I have a StuffHub setting in the App section of the Office 365 Admin Center (I don't know for how long this setting has been there)...this setting should allow to configure StuffHub in the tenant, but it does not work in that the question here is: why do we have a setting that in reality does not allow to configure StuffHub in an Office 365 tenant? cc @Anne Michels

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Afaik it's still only for O365 Business customers, and even then you probably still need an invite. But yeah, why do we need to see it if we cannot use it? :)

Hi Juan Carlos,

the StaffHub section in the settings section does link to the StaffHub management interface where you currently configure StaffHub. We don't have any actual configuration controls in the admin at this point.

Does the link not work for you? If so, could you please provide a screenshot of the error you're get so that we can investigate?