iphone issues with 365 Admin App

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Hi There,


I am having search issues with the 365 Admin app. I can see a certaiin cached amount of people, but cannot search past that. If I scroll, it loads more people, and they they're searcheable. Thus, if a name starts with a Z, I'd never find it unless I scrolled through ALL of my users to the bottom...


Any thoughts?

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Yes, it doesn't show you the name as you type in Search window, if only they are not cached. But if you push Enter of Search button on virtual keyboard it shows you all people which meet your search string

Hi Sergei,


My colleague on an Android phone gets this, but when I push enter I do not get any results.

Hi Lauren - when i have no idea. I have it installed on iOS 9.3.3 and on Windows Mobile 10 and on both it works with Enter.

Hi Sergei,

I've shared your feedback with the engineering team and they are looking into it.



Hi Anne,
Thank you, that shall be addressed more to Lauren (by the way, are mentions available here?), i have no such issue.