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Cannot access OneDrive

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I cannot access OneDrive in Office 365. On click, an error occurs:


Something is wrong
The requested page is temporarily unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Check it out in a couple of minutes.


What should I do?

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Hey @iofficesite,


The link you shared doesn't seem right, Can you try going to the onedrive link directly : replace tenantname with your tenant name, tenant name is the default domain prefix you get with office 365, like for example, so the url would be



Hello @iofficesite ,


This looks like more of a problem with your subscription itself, are you an administrator to the office 365 tenant? Is it happening with all users ?

Please, have your admin open a ticket with Microsoft support for this.



@harveer singh 

No, I'm not an administrator. And I don't know who he is. Is it possible to remotely contact him?

@iofficesite : Sadly, there is very little Microsoft can do in this case, since the subscriptions are usually managed by an organization admin and if there is fault in subscription from organization end, Microsoft might not be able to correct it, your best chance to find out the admin would be to contact the seller from where you purchased the account, there are quite a few users facing the same issue :