User constantly prompted they need to request access to OneDrive shared item

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Hello everyone!

I have one specific user in my tenant who is unable to access files shared with them by their manager, (or anyone else for that matter.) They will continuously be prompted to request access to the item, which even granting direct access as opposed to sharing the link with them will loop them back to the same page.

I took control of the manager's OneDrive directory and direct-shared the file myself to the user with no success and the same SharePoint access prompt. I additionally shared a file of my own for testing purposes, though this leads them back to the same page.

All files within their own OneDrive on the app and on the web sync fine, they can also share files with other users---they just are unable to open anything shared with them. If this makes any sense?

Has anyone encountered this and if so anyone have any suggestions for a solution? 


tldr; anyone who shares anything with one particular user they can't open it no matter what.



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@YouBreakItIFixIt803 Same issue in our tenant. Issue occuring for 1 specific user.

@YouBreakItIFixIt803 Were you able to resolve this? In my case, the user has access to shared files from everyone except her team lead. The team lead is able to share with everyone else. The user can share with the team lead. Very strange.



Did you try to disable the sharing totally and share once again?

Hey all, know this is old but I did finally figure this out some time ago. The resolution was to manually delete the user in site collection and have them re-request access.

The steps above resolved this for us.