Can’t create a Class Team from an existing Group

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I started setting up an education site a couple of days ago, so I’m very new to Office 365. I’ve tried following the recommended procedure for creating Groups and Teams connected to them, but I don’t get the options described.


If I create a Group in Admin Center and check the box to create a Team, a generic Team is created and there is no way to turn it into a Class Team.


If I create a Group without checking the Team box, then try to create a new Team in Teams, I can choose the Team type, but the option to create a team from an existing group never appears.


If I create the Team in Teams Admin then neither the option for choosing the type of Team OR the option to create from an existing group appears.


Is there something I’m missing or is this just broken?

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Any update on this?

@ScottOI think the answer was to create the team in the Teams client.


When you create a Class Team this way it also sets a different Group Privacy setting — HiddenMembers. The only options in the Admin Center are Public and Private, so I think this also means you can’t edit the group settings from there any more as you can’t set the proper Group Privacy.


You also can’t manage Class Notebooks from Onenote Admin, Onenote online or from the Teams client. I just wanted to remove a notebook for a student who had left, but got an error message saying “No class notebooks have been created yet”. I normally use Linux and ended up having to create a Windows 10 virtual machine and install the Onenote client there just to remove the notebook.


The Class Notebook itself is incredibly slow to open in the Teams client (over a 100 Mbps connection), making it hardly worth using in online classes.


I have to say, after a few months of using it, that Office 365 seems very messy. There are even things you can only do (setting some locale defaults) from the command line and only in Windows 10 after downloading the right scripts, which seem to be constantly changing. I wasted a lot of time trying to use the version of PowerShell released for Linux before finding out it wouldn’t work.


The lack of integration and consistency is appalling. The amount or irrelevant spam is annoying.


I’m really glad that we’re only a small organisation using a free Education license who can fairly easily retreat to using other resources if necessary.


Thanks for the reply! I think We are just going to have to move from out of M365 Groups and create new Classroom Teams and move and data over. Appreciate the time to bounce the ideas off.


I agree the Classroom Team should some how be integrated as other teams are. Should just be an on/off switch for features on existing Teams with the proper licensing.

@SeanOS HI there, i have been through something similar with my school. i have found using School Data Sync - Class creation in MS Teams works really well and we dont get group issues.


I have a youtibe playlist that can help out on this


Cheers Matt

This would be a sensible solution for organisations that have that kind of data, but we’re only a small community group so we don’t have any external data in a useful format. It’s disappointing that MS systems are so fractured across platforms and apps.