Ignite Session Planner for Digital Transformation
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If you’re curious about modern management in general – or Microsoft Managed Desktop in particular – Microsoft Ignite is the perfect opportunity to get the knowledge, insights, and inspiration you need to start your digital transformation journey. 


Whether you’re already a Microsoft Managed Desktop fan club member (read: blog subscriber) or you’d just like to implement our management principles to modernize your workplace, here’s our Ignite session guide for IT professionals, developers, and security specialists. And if you’re not attending this year, it’s still a great list of topics to research for your digital transformation journey.    


Microsoft Managed Desktop @ Ignite 

If you’re ready to learn everything thing you can about Microsoft Managed Desktop from Microsoft experts, these are your can't-miss opportunities.  


Modern Management: How/why you do it now (BRK008) 

Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson is a dynamic speaker, and his keynote is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Prepare to get charged up about what's possible when you implement modern management principles with Windows, Office, and apps to deliver secure, productive, and empowering experiences for users. 


Modernize your workplace with Microsoft Managed Desktop (BRK2085) 

General Manager Bill Karagounis is the engineering lead and visionary behind Microsoft Managed Desktop. Come to hear Bill's exciting new data points about our work with customers and partners. Stay for his conversation with Microsoft Managed Desktop customer Simon Bullers, Lloyds Banking Group engineering director and group CIO, on secure productivity and modern management in a highly regulated industry. 


What is Microsoft Managed Desktop? (THR2033) 

Senior Marketing Manager Jeffrey Shomper will discuss the Microsoft Managed Desktop solution components and where customers are seeing the most value.  He’ll also cover technical prerequisites and where to find more details.  


Microsoft Managed Desktop Booth 

Believe it or not, the engineers who build and implement all the modern security and management capabilities of Microsoft Managed Desktop will be running our booth (station 24) in the Modern Workplace area of the expo hall.  


Now is your chance to view device demos and learn the nuts and bolts of our approach to helping customers keep up-to-date. What are the common pitfalls? What should you be doing now to get ready? How do you make the business case to your executives? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to pose your questions directly to the experts. 


Badge Scans

Don’t forget to scan your badge at our booth – tell them the blog sent you – and not just for our superior swag (while supplies last). A badge scan entitles you to our post-Ignite follow-up mail with next steps to put all your Ignite learnings to good use. We’ll also answer your frequently asked questionsWhat are the prerequisites? How can I share Bill’s amazing data points with my leadership team? Where is the Microsoft Managed Desktop device catalog? How can I I start preparing for future migration?   


(Pro-tip: if you don’t make it to our booth, you can still get all this great content. Just take a moment to subscribe to our blog.)   


Modern Management for IT Pros and Developers 

We’ve identified a series of discussions that will help IT professionals and their organizations move towards digital transformation.  Whether you’re pursuing a DIY” approach to modernization or want to deploy Microsoft Managed Desktop on your journey, these sessions will help you find a path forward.  


How to accelerate your journey to Microsoft 365 (BRK1073) 

Every organization has its own unique path to digital transformation, some with more obstacles than others. This session will share insights from Microsoft FastTrack, a program that helps customers securely deploy Windows 10, Office 365ProPlus, and migrate your email and file share data to the cloud. 


Moving to Windows 10 and Office 365ProPlus? FastTrack is here to help! (BRK2177) 

Microsoft Managed Desktop uses Windows 10, but if you’re not there yet, this session includes information on how to accelerate Windows 10 deployment.  Learn from FastTrack experts as they share deployment best practices and learnings from their experiences with customers migrating to Windows 10 and Office 365ProPlus. 


Modernizing your desktop applications to target Windows 10 (BRK2314)  

This discussion helps app developers update the look and feel of app functionality for Windows 10.  This session shows how several organizations improved their apps and leveraged new technologies to accelerate their modernization journey.  If you’re a developer looking to prepare your line-of-business apps ready for Microsoft Managed Desktop or modern management in general, this is the session for you. 


The latest innovations in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office for content collaboration in Microsoft 365 (BRK2053) 

You’re so bogged down in the mundane work of endpoint management that you can’t picture what core business problems you’d rather be solving. We get it. This session from Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper is full of inspiration that should help you come up with ideas that form a business case for offloading device management to Microsoft Managed Desktop.    


End user experiences on managed Microsoft 365 devices (BRK3084) 

Modern users want the ability to work anywhere, and that changes how you design and manage applications. Discover how you can leverage Microsoft Intune and Microsoft 365 web applications to give users the secure, productive mobile experiences they crave. 


Supercharge your desktop app DevOps pipeline with Azure DevOps and App Center (THR2307) 

This is a great session for developers seeking insights on building modern apps and using the app center. It covers how to build in-house and line-of-business apps in a modern way, including techniques to generate app insights that can help you improve their performanceIf you’d like to start preparing your line-of-business apps for Microsoft Managed Desktop, this is the session for you.   


Exam Prep | MD-100: Windows 10 (BRK2154) 

Don’t let the title scare you: even if you’re not taking the exam, this session delivers a foundation in modern desktop management: all the better to appreciate the Microsoft Managed Desktop approach, and attune your management instincts to a new era.   


Ask the experts: Modern deployment and device management (BRK3076) 

Engage with a panel of Microsoft experts and discover what you’ll need to know in order to implement a modern desktop.  This is a great opportunity for those planning a “do-it-yourself” route to digital transformation.  You’ll hear from the experts what to expect from the journey ahead, including potential pitfalls and best practices.    


Modern Windows 10 and Office 365 deployment with Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Intune, and Configuration Manager (DEP20) 

Even if you’re not ready for Microsoft Managed Desktop, you can start using modern tools for zero-touch, hyper-efficient deployment. This session will share how to use Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, and the Office Customization Toolkit—all within your existing System Center Configuration Manager infrastructure.   


Great Topics for Security Specialists  

If you’re responsible for protecting your organization, these sessions should help you activate the built-in and tightly integrated security functions within the Microsoft stackYou’ll learn about modern tools and strategies that Microsoft Managed Desktop uses to help keep your data safe.  


Bringing IT and security together: How Microsoft is reinventing threat and vulnerability management (BRK2110) 

“Backed by Microsoft” is one of the most valuable elements of the Microsoft Managed Desktop service, but what does that really mean? This session highlights how we fulfill the promise of trust and create worry-free environments within Microsoft Managed Desktop.  This session will dissect Microsoft’s disruptive risk-driven threat and vulnerability management based on Microsoft Defender ATP signals. 


Advanced threat and security management: Connecting Microsoft ATP with Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager (BRK3083) 

Learn how Microsoft is delivering a best-in-class security and management experience by connecting Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection with Microsoft Endpoint Management through Intune and Configuration ManagerThis session will help you appreciate how Microsoft Managed Desktop leverages these functions to help protect your data without compromising the user experience. 


Demystifying Microsoft Information Protection Solutions: A panel discussion with the product experts (BRK2122) 

This session will help you feel confident about ditching redundant security apps whose long-running agents degrade device performance.  The panel will confront the important questions, like how capabilities work together, what’s coming in the future, and key considerations you should evaluate in your deployment strategy. 


We hope our session guide helps you plan a great week at Ignite, and we can’t wait to see you there! And be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss the great content we’ll be releasing in the weeks ahead.   


What’s the best swag you’ve picked up a conference?  Which sessions are you looking forward to?  Comment below and let us know. 

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