Enhanced revenue dashboard and reporting is now available for commercial marketplace partners


The revenue dashboard under commercial marketplace insights helps partners to track and reconcile their revenue with usage, order, earnings, and customer reports.


Top features of this release are:

  • Intuitive and enhanced user experience
  • Insights around "collection in progress" amount
  • Insights around offers, plans, and customers
  • Details around adjustment, resellers, invoicing, and restatements are available in a downloadable report

For more information, see Revenue dashboard.

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@saurabh-sharma This is a significant improvement; thank you to the team for rethinking this. 


A feedback item: When clicking on the "View Contributing transactions" link to see a drill-down of a disbursed amount , the following UI doesn't explain the math since the numbers don't appear to add up. Do the UI labels need more text explanation or symbols? 

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 8.32.11 AM.png


In the above screenshot, the seller/ISV had clicked on the $575 payout/disbursed amount on the main page, expecting to see a breakdown of amounts that add up to $575, that's not the case with the highlighted numbers at the bottom table view. 




Thanks a lot for correcting it. I have updated the link in original post.
Thanks for sharing the feedback. It doesn't look right. Please raise a support ticket in partner center, our team will investigate and fix this.