New on Azure Marketplace: October 21-27, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 140 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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AudioCodes Live Hub for Teams (Self-Service Direct Routing): AudioCodes Live Hub for Microsoft Teams simplifies the process of connecting existing communication systems to Teams, eliminating the need for complex configuration and integration with your Teams tenant. It offers support for multiple SIP providers, a self-service connection wizard, advanced call routing and handling capabilities, and around-the-clock support.
Datometry Hyper-Q for Azure Databricks: Datometry Hyper-Q allows enterprises to move from Teradata/Exadata to Microsoft Azure Databricks with minimal effort. It makes existing applications interoperate with Databricks natively, without extensive SQL rewrites. Hyper-Q covers all commonly used Teradata/Exadata SQL, with 99.5 percent coverage on average. It is optimized for Databricks to achieve maximum scale and performance. The product suite includes fully compatible drop-in replacements for all frequently used Teradata and Exadata tools.
Intapp Walls: Intapp Walls simplifies information security and policy management by centrally enforcing confidentiality of sensitive data. It enables quick and accurate response to security audits, client requirements, and regulatory compliance. The tool automatically detects changes to internal teams, manages access to various systems, and enforces user compliance controls.
PROS Real Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP): PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing offers airlines accurate availability across all channels, allowing them to confidently apply pricing strategies and fare adjustments. It eliminates dependency on real-time inventory data feeds and reduces revenue leaks from stale availability data. The software also provides flexibility and control over offers and channels and presents consistent, real-time pricing across all channels dynamically.
Sustainability Dashboard and Reporting: The CO2 emission dashboard from Savionyx provides real-time data, visualization, historical data, environmental goals, and compliance reporting. It helps organizations and individuals reduce their carbon footprint by providing information to make informed decisions, track progress, and work toward a sustainable future.
Video Analytics - CertiConVis: CertiConVis Intrusion Counters is an offline video analysis package optimized for American and Canadian markets. It offers advanced computer vision analytical functions for security and business applications. With a user account and workspace included in the subscription, users can easily upload source video files, configure video analysis tasks, and manage output data.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Agile Innovate with OpenAI: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Develop a functional MVP of a Microsoft Azure OpenAI application to showcase its potential value in real-world applications. Agile Analytics' engagement includes planning, development, refinement, and MVP delivery with documentation, progress reports, and user feedback.
Analytics Service for Azure: 3-Week Assessment: Available in Korea from Metanet Tplatform, this platform provides enterprise-grade data modeling in the cloud. It combines data from multiple sources, defines metrics, and protects data in a reliable semantic single data model. It integrates with various data sources and tools like Microsoft Power BI and Excel for easy and fast data analysis. It also includes Azure Stream Analytics, Azure HDInsight, Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure Synapse Analytics for easy data management and visualization.
High-Performance Computing (HPC) on Azure: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Oakwood's HPC on Microsoft Azure proof of concept allows organizations to test the high-performance computing capabilities of Azure without committing to a full-scale implementation. This reduces the risk associated with cloud transitions and ensures tailored solutions. The process includes choosing a workload, deploying Azure HPC components, executing workloads, and comparing results with on-premises environments.
High-Performance Computing (HPC) on Azure: 8-Week Implementation: Oakwood's HPC on Microsoft Azure Implementation helps businesses quickly leverage high-performance computing for their specific needs. The engagement includes assessment, solution design, infrastructure setup, data migration, pilot testing, optimization, scaling, and training. The streamlined process allows organizations to realize the benefits of Azure HPC in a fraction of the time it might typically take.
Azure Synapse Analytics Consulting: 10-Day Implementation: Mayasoft Bilgi Sistemleri's assessment helps organizations develop a roadmap to align with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. It analyzes data management and analytics processes, infrastructure, sources, tools, and human resources. Findings and proposed solutions are reported with a ready-to-start project timeline and cost estimations. Stages include requirement gathering, analyzing business needs, proposing architecture and solution design, and project planning.
Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) offers a modern Windows experience with the necessary apps for employees to stay productive. BESPIN will help you understand AVD technology and benefits of modernizing desktop solutions. AVD services offer resilience and efficiency, with secure connections from Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
Cloud Digital Forensics Incident Response: 5-Day Implementation: BDO Digital's Cloud Incident Response team offers digital forensics and incident response services to swiftly identify and remediate security threats in complex Azure, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Their approach involves assessing and analyzing incidents, containing and remediating threats, and improving and preventing future incidents.
Cloud Foundations: Teksystems' certified experts offer Microsoft Azure best practices and enterprise implementation experience to help manage infrastructure services efficiently at scale. Services include Solution Assessments, Azure Landing Zone, WAR Remediation, DevOps Solutions with Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise, and Governance and Secure Operations with HashiCorp Sentinel and Microsoft Sentinel.
Cloud Platform Management (CPM): Engineers, DevOps professionals, and solution architects from Parallo monitor and optimize the security, performance, availability, and costs of running apps on Microsoft Azure. They manage infrastructure, ensure critical user experience indicators are met, and handle routine tasks. Services include alerting, monitoring, performance management, cost optimization, and continuous support.
CloudON for Data Service: 6-Week Proof of Concept: C&Thoth helps businesses in Korea analyze and optimize their IT environment through data analysis. The program identifies potential problems, validates business requirements, and improves data management. It also enhances system architecture and security features to improve business innovation and competitiveness.
Conversational AI with Azure OpenAI: Proof of Value: Cegeka's solution offers a tailored chatbot proof of value to improve operational efficiency, reduce administrative overhead, and enhance customer experience. It includes scoping, infrastructure setup, data gathering, chatbot configuration, front-end development, and evaluation. Deliverables include a conversational interface powered by ChatGPT and evaluation results.
Data Center Migration: 6-Week Implementation: BESPIN offers seamless migration of workloads to Microsoft Azure, following a step-by-step process, including gathering requirements, architecture sessions, and automation. This Azure Migration Engagement includes a one-day workshop, two-week assessment, and four-week preparation and migration. Deliverables include a business case, TCO report, landing zone architecture design, and migration approach and plan.
Data Modernization: 6-Week Implementation: Visionet Systems Inc. offers a modern data platform accelerator based on Microsoft Azure that reduces time-to-value and costs while ensuring scalability, security, and data reliability. The accelerator comes with pre-configured connectors, industry-specific data models, and out-of-the-box reports and dashboards. The engagement supports a journey to data-driven success with a modern data platform for business agility and meeting objectives.
Dell Application Modernization Services on Microsoft Azure: Dell's service helps organizations modernize their applications to be cloud native on Azure, improving scalability and agility while containing costs. The joint Dell and customer team will assess, plan, refactor, configure, test, deploy, and transition existing applications to utilize relevant application services available in Azure. The service provides deep subject matter expertise and on-the-job training opportunities for customer team members. Outcomes include improved deployment, customization, migration, continuous delivery, faster release management, and a cookbook of patterns to support future efforts.
DevOps on Azure Using GitHub: NTT DATA offers an innovative proposition to revolutionize your DevOps practice by integrating development practice with DevOps in Microsoft Azure using GitHub as the centralized tool. With GitHub, your team can take advantage of version control, an AI-powered coding assistant, and customizable cloud-based development environment. NTT DATA can help your team implement and maximize the value of Azure Pipelines in GitHub or use GitHub Actions, a comprehensive CI/CD tool. The integration modernizes your DevOps practice, optimizing efficiency, security, and quality of your development process.
DevOps on Azure with GitHub: 2-Day Workshop: NTT DATA offers a two-day workshop to integrate DevOps in Microsoft Azure using GitHub. The workshop includes an immersion session on AI-powered GitHub Copilot, which enhances developer productivity. Participants will learn about Copilot's advanced capabilities, governance, and controls for managing it within the enterprise. The workshop also includes a hands-on demonstration, exploration of Copilot services, and a developer workflow ideation session.
Accelerate Developer Velocity: 3-Hour Workshop: BlakYaks offers a free discovery consultation to help clients mature their DevSecOps and infrastructure as code strategy. The session explores key client challenges, assesses their level of maturity, and provides a clear plan of action. The report includes a summary of the current position, future roadmap, and recommendations for next steps.
Build and Modernize Cloud Native Apps: 3-Hour Workshop: BlakYaks offers a specialist consultant-led advisory service for clients seeking app modernization. The team assesses the client's level of maturity and provides a future development roadmap. The session is aimed at technical leadership, and the deliverables include a high-level summary of the client's current position, challenges, and recommendations for next steps. BlakYaks also offers a commercial proposal to support the client's strategy.
Envision as a Service (EaaS): Envision Information Technologies' Envision as a Service (EaaS) is a proactive Microsoft Azure technology optimization solution that monitors and manages Azure cloud workloads. It includes resource performance enhancement, critical services oversight, security monitoring, event log insights, proactive software monitoring, enhanced virtualization performance, license and SSL management, proactive system maintenance, and data protection.
LAB3 - OpenAI Pilot and Roadmap: LAB3's OpenAI Enhancer streamlines AI integration by evaluating, providing insights on, and testing Microsoft Azure AI solutions. LAB3 collaborates with businesses to identify challenges, highlight Azure AI tools, establish utilization guidelines, craft a strategy, and implement a tangible AI application.
Microsoft Azure Operational Data Management: 12-Month Operation and Implementation: ABCloudz offers Operational Data Management (ODM) plans for Azure infrastructure, including consulting, monitoring, incident management, security audit, performance tuning, and cloud infrastructure upgrade. They also specialize in app development, data platform engineering, platform and application modernization, managed services, database monitoring, and migration to Azure services.
Microsoft Fabric: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises that unifies hybrid and multi-cloud data estates for faster, connected intelligence. Sopra Steria's PoC helps customers evaluate the possibilities and benefits of the integrated data and analytics platform. It covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence. The solution enables data professionals to host all their analytics workloads in a SaaS-based, lake-first solution, eliminating organizational siloes.
Model in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: RSM's workshop helps organizations build predictive models using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. The session is tailored to different levels of understanding and covers data preparation, model selection, and evaluation. RSM has over 30 years of technology consulting experience and offers customized solutions.
Power BI Governance+: Dynapt combines the data visualization capabilities of Microsoft Power BI with governance strategies, delivering a secure, efficient, and controlled data exploration experience. It offers optimized cost efficiency, user empowerment, seamless collaboration, customization and branding, advanced security measures, data protection, controlled user permissions, scalability, and expert support.
Profisee MDM and Azure Purview Implementation: Systech's Master Data Management implementation service with Profisee MDM Solutions creates clean and trusted master data, with effective governance processes and stewardship mechanisms. The hybrid project management approach leverages Agile and Waterfall methods to define MDM frameworks, enforce data quality rules, and develop models for domains like Asset, Customer, Supplier, and Accounts. The integration with Microsoft Azure Purview facilitates data governance.
RAIL: Minsait offers AI services on Microsoft Azure with RAIL, a solution for adopting AI in a governed, reliable, scalable, and integrated way. It considers technical idiosyncrasies of MLOps and advanced monitoring systems, as well as AI's impact on organizations, ethics, and return on intelligence management.
Responsible A.I. and Data Science: TPX Impact offers a series of five lectures to guide organizations in successful and ethical integration of AI into their workflows. The lectures cover the principles of AI, ethical considerations, and the use of Microsoft services like Azure. The program helps organizations avoid pitfalls and biases, demonstrate their commitment to responsible technology, and leverage cutting-edge AI tools.
Sonata GenAI: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Sonata's Harmoni.AI is a "responsible by design" platform for generative AI, with a focus on ethics, trust, privacy, security, and compliance. It offers a Data Governance and Acceleration engine, pre-built solutions for various verticals, and a consulting framework for effective adoption. Sonata's proof-of-concept approach offers a four-week engagement for developing a simple use case on Microsoft Azure using Azure OpenAI.
SQL Server Data Migration to Azure SQL Managed Instance: 6-Week Implementation: Bitwise offers an end-to-end framework to help organizations migrate their on-premises SQL Server database applications to cloud-based Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance. The framework leverages Microsoft cloud-native data migration services and Bitwise's automation tools and data validation utilities to ensure accuracy, scalability, and fault tolerance. The migration methodology follows a phased approach, including assessment and discovery, pre-migration, migration, validation, and post-migration support.
Supply Chain Digital Twin: 10-Week Implementation: Digital twin technology from Protiviti creates a digital copy of a product, system, or process for simulation, testing, and maintenance. It can optimize manufacturing processes and reduce downtime. Implementation involves identifying the problem, modeling the system, and improving KPIs iteratively. Deliverables include documented current state, baseline digital twin, and reports/dashboards of current systems and processes.
Teradata Enterprise Migration to Vantage: 6-Week Implementation: Bitwise offers a "stopover" solution to migrate Teradata to Vantage on Microsoft Azure, enabling businesses to leverage the full analytics and AI capabilities of Fabric. The migration is a lift-and-shift process with zero risk or business disruption and is the least expensive option. Bitwise also provides a cleanup and optimization service, and the option to offload workload to Lakehouse/Fabric.
Windows 365 Cloud PC: 4-Week Deployment: Microsoft Windows 365 is a cloud-based computing solution hosted on Azure that enables remote work, business continuity, flexible scaling, and secure collaboration. It offers instant procurement, deployment, and secure access on any device with a predictable cost model and improved data security. BESPIN's 4-week advance deployment includes evaluation, planning, deployment, configuration, testing, and optimization.

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PostgreSQL Server 13 on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 13 on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 13 on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Debian 10 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Debian 11 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Debian 10 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Debian 11 Minimal
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.2 (LVM) Minimal
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Yeastar P-Series Phone System


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