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This past October we saw new contributors coming onboard the blog and creating some great content for the site. The following were content pieces contributed for the Month of October.

October 2018 Posts:

  • Easy Learning and Testing with PowerPoint and Forms – HLS Show Me How
    In this HLS Show Me How video I demonstrate how a nurse could easily create training for a shared workstation using PowerPoint and the new Insert > Forms capability. While this use case addresses nurses and surgical scrubbing it can easily be applied in a myriad of use cases.
  • Windows 10 in S mode for the Clinical Desktop
    Win10 S mode is a "locked down" version of Windows 10.  As of Win10 1803 S mode comes in several flavors of Home, EDU, Pro, Enterprise. 
  • Office 365 Earns HITRUST CSF Certification
    I’m pleased to announce that Office 365 has earned HITRUST Certification from the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance, the widely adopted security and risk management framework in the U.S. healthcare industry.
  • Recording – HLS Modern Workplace Fire Away Friday 10-05-2018
    This Friday we looked at where Microsoft Teams, and related in app Tabs (Planner, Power BI, Forms, etc.), store data, their adherence to compliance, and where/how to manage. We also took a look at some of the top announcements coming out of Microsoft Ignite including announcements around: Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online.
  • HLS Show Me How - Recovering Deleted Files in Microsoft Teams
    In this HLS Show Me How video I answer the customers question on how to recover a file deleted in Microsoft Teams. The process is simple and can be performed in under a minute with just a few clicks of the old mouse.
  • Recording - Modern Workplace Fire Away Friday 10/12/2018
    In today’s world of social media and smartphone apps end users are used to consuming slick content and expect tools that will empower them to be more creative in their content creation while being simple to use. Thankfully Office 365 facilitates this with ever evolving features/capabilities focused on easily empowering end user creativity. All within the familiar environment of Microsoft Office.
  • Shelly's Take On... Ignite 2018 MS Teams Updates for Health Providers
    The recent announcements at MS Ignite around MS Teams were amazing, to see the full post, please read here, but I wanted to call out a few features that are revolutionary for Health Providers.
  • Microsoft Managed Desktop for the Clinical Workstation
    Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) brings together the power of Microsoft 365 E5, on a modern device, with endpoint management, protection and security provided and run by Microsoft.  For the first time, customers have a choice to either manage their modern desktops themselves or choose the Microsoft Managed Desktop as the easiest way to delight users and free up IT - providing the best experience for users, with the latest technology, that is backed by Microsoft.  MMD is directly aimed at these issues through the provision of an end-to-end, cloud-based solution where modern devices provision through Autopilot and then are kept up to date and secure by Microsoft.  The organization provisions the end-user experience through an Azure based MMD Provisioning Admin console.
  • Welcome to The Cyberskinny!
    Welcome to my new blog, where we will savor tasty cybersecurity morsels from time to time. Topics may be industry-focused (Healthcare more often than not) or they may be industry-agnostic, but they will be cybersecurity-based. And they will be skinny. I haven't decided on a cadence yet so let's see where this goes. If you can pick out the secondary theme of today's tasty tapas, feel free to let the world know in the comments!
  • Shelly's Take on... How Health Providers can Close the Communication Gap Around Care
    I hope that you got a chance to read my last blog, if not please check it out here as it talks about all the latest and greatest announcements from MS Ignite. MS Teams is adding features and capabilities at lightning speed and many of these are benefiting Health and Life Sciences customers. Features like secure messaging, image annotation and care coordination templates.
    Anyone who works in or with Healthcare we all know that health providers have a daunting task, Doctors want to provide the best care possible but they are faced with many challenges. The increase in health cost with the desire from patients to have faster outcomes is forcing doctors to see more and more patients. We are learning the only way a person can see more patients is to work as a team. However, each provider works in their own silo, they don’t communicate with each other well, there is a huge communication gap from doctor to doctor.
    This is why having proper care coordination is so important, instead of everyone doing their own thing, we all need to work together throughout the care continuum to provide faster, lower costing care, without compromise.
  • Frontline Worker fun and favorites!
    I consider myself very fortunate, I’m a Collaboration TSP for the national Health and Life Sciences team at Microsoft.  Yesterday I met with a group of professionals from a large healthcare provider in the Southwest where we discussed improving the patient experience of care (an IMI triple aim) by empowering care teams and employees.
  • Office 365 Multi-Geo - Michael On the Go
    In this episode of Michael on the Go I discuss how Office 365 Multi-Geo addresses the needs of some organizations around data residency. I also briefly discuss how networking, security, and egress points can have an impact on latency.
  • Bots in Healthcare
    With the rise in popularity of chat-based collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, bots have become more and more prominent. Using natural language as a user interface medium allows for a more expressive, "human" aspect to computing. While bot technology is somewhat new, modern frameworks and open, standardized APIs allow customers to rapidly create intelligent bots that understand human intent and perform tasks on behalf of a user. We at Microsoft Health & Life Sciences (HLS) have been working with customers to see how bot technology can empower healthcare workers to achieve more.
  • Using Microsoft Teams Free Edition for Private Collaboration around Healthcare and More - Michael on...
    In this edition of Michael on the Go I discuss the use of Microsoft Teams free edition by families to facilitate communications and collaboration in a secure environment that respects user’s privacy. Additionally, I provide resources to help get you and your loved ones ramped up and running.

Thanks for visiting – Michael Gannotti

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