I hope that you got a chance to read my last blog, if not please check it out here as it talks about all the latest and greatest announcements from MS Ignite. MS Teams is adding features and capabilities at lightning speed and many of these are benefiting Health and Life Sciences customers. Features like secure messaging, image annotation and care coordination templates.

Anyone who works in or with Healthcare we all know that health providers have a daunting task, Doctors want to provide the best care possible but they are faced with many challenges. The increase in health cost with the desire from patients to have faster outcomes is forcing doctors to see more and more patients. We are learning the only way a person can see more patients is to work as a team. However, each provider works in their own silo, they don’t communicate with each other well, there is a huge communication gap from doctor to doctor.

This is why having proper care coordination is so important, instead of everyone doing their own thing, we all need to work together throughout the care continuum to provide faster, lower costing care, without compromise.

As an employee of a technology company I never thought I would be so proud to say we are helping solve this problem. Check out this short video on how MS Teams is already impacting many providers around the country by reducing this communication gap.

In addition to this communication gap there are other trends we are seeing in the Health Provider space that MS Teams can help with, such as: reducing length of stay, capturing DRG data along with avoidable days and the cost associated to those days, discharge planning, interdisciplinary rounding and team huddles. Please let us know how we can help by contacting me, or your MS Account team.

"Let us help your doctors become better Doctors today than they were yesterday!"

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