Experiencing the Upgrade to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business - PART 1
Published Nov 02 2018 10:36 AM 4,419 Views

Matt Sims and Pete Anello - Microsoft HLS Voice TSPs


Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365.  Our customers in Healthcare and Life Sciences see tons of value in the group collaboration, intelligent meetings, and intelligent calling capabilities of Microsoft Teams.  At the same time, many are using Skype for Business for core unified communications features which are critical to their organizations.


In order to ease the upgrade to Microsoft Teams, we've created some excellent guidance around upgrade modes available to customers here.  These upgrade modes are centered around the user experience, and preserve capabilities for both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business users during the upgrade process.  Whether your organization requires just a few days or several months to complete its upgrade to Microsoft Teams, these modes will 1) give users advance notification of the upgrade via in-application banners, 2) manage coexistence with Skype for Business users during the upgrade process, and 3) allow for contact migration to Microsoft Teams.


Below are a few brief videos which illustrate the user experience of a user who's been recently upgraded to Microsoft Teams.  The videos show an incoming chat, call, and video, respectively, from a Skype for Business user, and how Microsoft Teams can allow for a controlled, phased migration from a Skype for Business environment.  NOTE: There's no audio in the call and video clips.


Microsoft Teams 'TeamsOnly' User Incoming Chat from Skype for Business User



Microsoft Teams 'TeamsOnly' User Incoming Call from Skype for Business User



Microsoft Teams 'TeamsOnly' User Incoming Video from Skype for Business User





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