Removing AD tools from Exchange server

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I've been asked if it is A) possible and B) supported to remove the ADDS tools from Exchange after installation.

Obviously it's possible to just remove but would it break anything.


I've had a good search around the web but can't see the actual reasoning that they are there as a pre-req. apart perhaps from the initial requirement to update schema, add OU's and security groups etc.

But since that bit can be done on a non-Exchange server it's a question I can't answer.

Perhaps so the AD module is available for scripts etc.?


Unfortunately in this instance I can't just say "If Exchange wants it installed in the first place then just live with it". :(


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Here's a quote from the "Install the Exchange management tools" article (


The management tools have similar operating system, .NET Framework, and Windows Management Framework (Windows PowerShell) requirements as an Exchange server. The notable exception is: you can install the management tools on client versions of Windows.


And as noted in the documentation for Exchange Server, the AD DS management tools are a prerequisite.