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Hello everybody,

I'm currently trying to manage distributeion lists with "external users".

Background: I created a couple of users in Active Directory with manually given email-addresses, phone numbers, etc. Those users have no internal mailbox. I created the distribution list via ECP and wanted to add those users. Computer said no. Not even one of the newly created users are shown in the picking list.

Looking from AD perspective, I'm able to add all of these users. Cross-checked in ECP eh violá, the members list is filled.


So far, so bad. Now trying to send an email to this group, I'm able to search for this distribution list but there are no memvers shown in OWA (besides the admin account which is a member too).

Sending an email to this group only the admin user receives an email.


What did I miss?

I need those AD users for other services (like SharePoint) which aren't playing well with contacts only...

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Hello@Florian Adler !

Have you added these users as mail contacts in Exchange Online? 
After that, you can edit the members of the Distribution list and add the mail contacts to it. 


Let me know if you run into more questions or want me to clarify with images. 


Kind Regards
Oliwer Sjöberg