Problem in Exchange Emails

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We have an unusual problem with one user. Email is in sent items but the same is not received by any server or internal recipient. Even the sender didn't receive any error. Please help, how i can check the log for this specific email. I have already checked the message tracking logs on all servers. Exchange 2016 is installed in our environment and the sender is sending the email to internal user using MS Office 2019.



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@KiranUmar63 Hello, that surely sounds odd, especially with no info in the logs. Can the user send an email to him/herself? Can the user send emails from Outlook on the web? Then you know where to focus at least. As it's only happening for one user my experience tells me it's most likely a client related issue and a new Outlook profile should fix it.


You can try SaRA as well


Thanks, All is working fine, even the same email send after 7 minutes to another user and it's delivered but i need the logs of that email , so i can figure out the problem,



As this happened  two time in the past with the same user. All emails are working fine but outlook just shift these specific two emails to sent item without connecting the server and no one received the emails. As the user is in critical department and importance of emails was high and outlook behavior is unusual, i am unable to find the root cause as there is no log of these emails on any Exchange server.Otherwise all emails are working fine for same sender and recipients. 

@KiranUmar63 Not sure what's happening, but this should give you some answers (if SaRA didn't provide any) to further analyze the behavior



Thanks, no analysis found in SaRA and i had already turn on the troubleshooting to avoid this problem in future. This is obviously very odd behavior

@KiranUmar63 Hello, not sure I understand your latest reply. The "Enable logging" check box isn't supposed to be ticked all the time. Considering what already has been done and it's only one user involved, and if none of the logs can assist you, I recommend a complete removal of Office and a re-installation. Or that you open up a support case with Microsoft and send them the logs you've collected.