Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent

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how can I solve this error?Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent

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Generally speaking, if that's the only error found, you can ignore it. It's a problem with the name servers (mismatch between the parent zone/your registrar and your domain zone). In some cases it can be by design, but in any case it's something you should address with your domain registrar.

invalid entries.PNG@Vasil Michevhello my domain isp claims to have already added the records,

But when I do a health check I get the error above.How can solve this?


It can take up to 72h for records to propagate, be patient. Although with the TTL settings shown on your screenshot it should be quite fast...

Hello Vasil @Vasil Michev I think I have a problem with my tenant.

Because when I check mxtoolbox the records have updated.


Thanks though.....

You can always open a support case and work with the engineers to resolve this.

@Vasil Michev 

How can we fix this error/Warning? What are possible impacts ?