Microsoft Graph API - Email Aliases

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We are in the process of moving to Graph API's. I have a use case where I have 15 email aliases on a mailbox. During the app authentication, will it ask for which email aliases that I can give access to. If so, can I give access to only two email aliases. Will I be able to get a different access token only for those two email aliases?. Or the access and refresh token is generated per mailbox. 

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The token is generated for your app, not the mailbox. Typically, the application will have access to all mailboxes, but you can scope this down if needed (I saw you found the article on this already). Aliases don't matter, they are resolved to the mailbox object.

The e-mail aliases are in the proxyAddresses property of the user object in the Graph API.

Thank you for your inputs: Can you please send me the link for the scope?

@Mihir_Kanojia Can you please post the article link which describes the scope for proxyaddresses object?