How to handle meetings organized by deleted users?

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Hi Community,


there is that nearly-all-time known limitation that Exchange / Exchange Online can't change the organizer of a meeting.

That is really driving me mad in real life...imagine a team assistant leaving the company after having that up meeting series for the whole team / company including meeting room reservations etc...


How are you handling this limit in your real-life?




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Some orgs simply keep the account active and use it to cancel/reschedule the meetings. Other just delete them (only thing you can do programmatically) and create the new meetings.




I usually keep the accounts around for about 30 days before deletion. 

During this time, I either

  1. Login to the mailbox of the retired/deleted user and cancel the meeting, and then inform the team to create a new recurring meeting with a new organizer
  2. Use PowerShell to delete/cancel all the calendar events of the deleted/retired user and then inform the team that they need to create a new recurring meeting.


Sadly there is no way ( that I know of ) to change the organizer of a meeting, probably because its tied to the organizers mailbox/calendar


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@oliwer_sundgren Thanks, I assumed something like that...but somehow really sad as offboardings / responsibility changes shouldn't be something so rare in corporate / enterprise environments.

I would somehow expect a good and integrated featureset for this usecase from a professional solution?

E.g. OneDrive / Sharepoint has this in place by using the manager field to grant access to the personal file space when a user is deleted. Even with fallback to a centralized email address if manager field is blank...

I couldnt agree more :) 

Hopefully Microsoft finds a good way to resolve this, since its a very common scenario. 


If you havent already, I suggest voting for this, and other organizer realted user voices



Hi @oliwer_sundgren , great addition,

I would like to recommend to vote on this one too:


It is an option to end the recurrences if needed.


Microsoft needs to look into this, we can't be going into the user account to end their reoccurrence meeting. They need to create a way to end user's reoccurrence meetings for the Teams admin portal.