No longer able to see users Inbox rules through EAC Online?

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I must have missed an announcement but just doing some routine maintenance and I see that the "View another mailbox" in EAC has changed considerably.  The most noticeable change is that you can no longer see the users Inbox rules.

The old days:


And now you get this:



Usually the first thing to do if an email account is compromised is checking here to see if there have been any rules setup to spoof emails etc.  With this functionality removed this does take a very useful tool from our tool box.  Has anyone else seen this change? more so does anyone know if there is another way to get inbox rule information for a user?






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Seems Microsoft is releasing a new version of this functionality, and not all supported options are ported just yet. As a workaround, you can try accessing the older UI via direct link, i.e. address removed for privacy reasons
It's still possible to access Inbox rules therein.
Ah, half-baked functionality again then :) Thanks for the pointer, and the workaround that'll help me out while MS sort it out.

I get a "the site can't be reached" error when I follow the link
That's because the forum software removes the fake email address hat Vasil added so you get the "email address removed for privacy reasons" message appended to the URL.<USERS EMAIL ADDRESS HERE>
This seems to not be working for me, it just ends up redirecting me back the the new EAC, so I guess my next stop is Powershell....
Still working on my tenant, maybe there is another "update" doing the rounds.
The workaround isn't working for my tenant either. Any idea when the new version will be released?

Thank you! I needed this today.

Can you please share how you access the user's inbox rules?
I edited the link but still no luck

And it opened the user's settings?
for me (global admin) it just open the EAC with my account.

Yes! This is me opening it right now:








What could be the reason that the link leads me to the general EAC?
I edited the link with the username at the end.

@Talamasca The link the other individual gave you is a link to Exchange Classic admin center, which is being phased out. I guess some people still have access to it.

For now, our only two options are:

1- Create a powershell script to manage mailbox rules of other users (using ExchangeOnlineManagement module)

2- use the delegate method if your company allows it: assign yourself as a delegate to the mailbox, open the mailbox in OWA using<useremailaddressgoeshere>/options/mail/rules

Unfortunately, our org was affected by this un-announced change by Microsoft as well. In our org, it is common for us to manage rules of other users on a routine basis, so this change definitely slowed the process down.