Emails sent from third-party app goes to Clutter: Best Practices to help avoid?

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Hey all,


I'm sure this has been answered, but just wanted some clarification. We use a third-party tool, Newsweaver, to send some/most of our comms. The issue we ran into recently was an exec comm that was sent went into employees clutter box and it caused this big uproar. 


We've talked to Newsweaver and our IT guys and they said that as long as Newsweaver is sending from the same server to us, emails should no longer go to the clutter inbox. I'm assuming this is one of those rules?


Just curious to see what other people have encountered and done about this situation. Any and all information would be great!


Also, I know there's way to uncheck the clutter inbox settings through your Office 365 account. Is there a way for IT that change to all employees?



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To start with your last question, yes it is possible to disable messages being moved to clutter for all users:


Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Set-Clutter -Enable $false


Disabling Clutter does not remove the Clutter folder, but Exchange Online will no longer move 'not important' messages to the Clutter folder.


To make sure that certain messages don't end up in the Clutter folder the admins can create a mail flow rule that adds a specific header to the message. Show them this:

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The fact that the messages from Newsweaver were delivered to Clutter means that the recipients ignored those messages in the past or that they explicitly marked them as Clutter, so it's likely that even if they were delivered to Inbox they would have been ignored :)


Anyway, Clutter will be replaced by Focused Inbox in the relatively near future, so maybe you should plan for that.


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Clutter will respect the Manager settings, also apparently any rule will cause the message to skip clutter. Or set a clutter-specific rule

Just an FYI, Clutter will be going away and replaced by Focus, so take that into account for how much effort you want to work on this.

Thank you! It's always interesting how people ignore the messages and then get mad when they don't receive them!