Why is my Help not functioning

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I am trying to access help to research some topics and keep getting the message to check my internet connection. But connection is fine.

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A little more information about your digital environment, such as Excel version, operating systems and storage medium would be an advantage to get a solution proposal in time.

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As a first aid, I could suggest you to carry out an online repair in advance

(Control Panel, Programs and Features, Office 365, Change, Online Repair).

Important: Please select Online Repair instead of Quick Repair.

Restart the PC and open an Office application.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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Close Excel completely..

Restart Excel.

Try again.


I also get the same message in Word. Help is not helping
did that...don't work


Did you check the resource monitor whether Excel was completely closed?


File | Account | Sign out then Sign back in
If I knew what that was, I would try it.
That actually worked. Fixed both Excel and Word. Thanks.

Thanks. Closing it and reopening it does work but after awhile it can act up again.


@Detlef Lewin 

You're welcome! Glad it worked.