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I need a little advise on my excel spreadsheet, I run a family history centre and I have created a spreadsheet for the volunteers to pick their shifts. I have protected the spreadsheet so that only two volunteers can choose the same shift. It works perfectly when I access the file, but when anyone else accesses it, all cells are fully editable. Is what I am attemting possible?

Hi! I have an excel question. I have a workbook that has several sheets. My main sheet(sheet 1) is what I’m trying to place a formula in. I want cells in column B to auto fill with data from sheet 2 IF column A in sheet 1 matches column A in sheet 2. However, it’s possible that there are more than one matching column A.
so column A has contract numbers in sheet 1.

Sheet 2 has

column A - contract numbers 

Column B - contract types

it is possible that one contract can hVe 2 different type so I want both types to auto fill on sheet 1