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Can anyone tell me  how to create a walk list in excel?

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It's interesting to me, at any rate, that you assume that we Excel geeks might know what a walk list even IS!!


Fortunately for you, Google answers the question. And also leads to what appears to be a helpful site with some instructions on how to build "the perfect walk list"


That particular site doesn't address the matter of technology, doesn't make any references to Excel or other software.* And I have to add, it's not at all clear to me why Excel, specifically, would have any outstanding benefit over, say, Microsoft Word (which can also produce nicely formatted lists, tables, etc).


So you could help us help you by spelling out a bit more completely what you have in mind, how you plan to use it, and why Excel is so far your tool of choice.



*I take that back: a second look shows me that they're offering a free trial of what probably IS a software package, Ecanvasser. Rather than re-invent the wheel, maybe you should at least take them up on the 7 day free trial offer.




A walk list is a list that is generated usually for political candidates. It shows them what precinct their in and addresses, that run consecutively so somebody say passing out doorhangers can go (walk) from house to house according to the list.



Did you read the rest of what I wrote? I looked up what a walk list is. Thank you for adding the definition now for the sake of other Excel geeks who might come across this thread.


But I added some information and a question or two.